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TradeWhen Trading simulator

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Notes on the backtested trading results above:

TradeWhen has many trading systems available. TW001 is the free system we provide (but with delayed trading signals), and that system also includes short selling signals. Our TradeWhen PRO product provides signals TW001 (with same-day signal notification), plus systems TW004, TW400, and TW042. TradeWhen PRO PLUS includes all the signals shown, plus any future systems we may have in development.

For these trading simulations, TradeWhen's signals were generated from simulated real-time trading on historical price data. The simulated trades were conducted using the currently generated signal on the following day's closing price, in order to better represent worst-case delays when acting on trading information. Your own results could be better, as the performance of TradeWhen's systems will generally improve when trades are made as promptly as possible.

None of these trading simulations incorporate the effects of short selling. Instead, money is assumed to be traded to money market funds by default during downturns. In general, selling short, or buying a fund or EFT that represents short selling, can increase your returns. You may often be able to improve the performance of TradeWhen's systems by doing so.

It must also be noted that your own results may be better, or may be worse than the simulated trading presented here, since past performance can not guarantee future results. Also, the effect of commissions or penalties is not considered, but the frequency of trading in TradeWhen's systems is very low (1 to 2 round trips per year), so commission effects are typically minimal.

To print one of the backtest reports, right-click in the window, and choose to open the frame into it's own tab or window.