Stock Market Timing

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use your system with my 401k or IRA?
Answer: Yes, it is the perfect choice for trading in your retirement plan. TradeWHEN Plus features multiple trading signals matched to a variety of mutual fund types. You should be able to find matches to funds in your retirement plan, even if you are only given limited choices. Also, since TradeWHEN only requires one to two roundtrip trades per year, it will work with plans that limit the number of trades you are allowed to make.

Question: Do I have to execute all the trades you tell me to? Is it OK to wait a little while to see what happens before I act?
Answer: If you use a timing system like TradeWHEN, you need to make a commitment. Not all the trades made by the system will be profitable. You may even be able to make better decisions by yourself some of the time. On the whole, however, TradeWHEN is very likely to make better guesses about what the market is doing than you ever could. It is also very important to execute trades as soon as you are instructed to. It is usually possible to wait a day or two without appreciably affecting your return. But sometimes you will miss important profit opportunities by not acting promptly.

Question:I've just joined. How do I get my existing investments 'on track' with your system? Should I jump right in, or wait for the next timing signal change?
Answer: You can jump right in, especially if prices are still very near where they were when the last signal was issued, or you own investments already that are similar to the target investments that you can trade from. Otherwise, you have a couple of choices. The first strategy is to 'dollar-cost-average' your way into the system by making small trades until you are fully in compliance with the recommended investments. The second is to follow your old investment strategy until a good opportunity comes up to trade into the recommendations.

Question: Do you recommend that I trade all my money using your stock market timing system?
Answer: If you are using TradeWHEN FREE, you have only one set of trading signals to work with. In some ways, this would be like trusting all your money to just one stock. Try TradeWHEN FREE on just a portion of your money first. When you are ready to trade all your money with us, upgrade to TradeWHEN PRO or TradeWHEN PRO PLUS, and invest using multiple timing signals customized to several different investments.

Question: Will some of the trades you recommend lose money?
Answer: TradeWHEN's systems average a high percentage of profitable trades (over 80% for our best systems), but not all trades can be profitable. Consider a professional poker player, for instance. Poker professionals can make a good living off their game, but cannot win every time. Poker is largely a game of chance, and even the best player can't make the odds go his way every single time. The same is largely true with the stock market. Computer software systems such as ours work by tracking powerful statistical trends, which usually lead to profitable trades. But there is a significant amount of price fluctuation caused by random or unpredictable events as well.